Vox Pop Juried Exhibition 3rd place recipient.



Tavin Davis is a professional emerging artist Native to Montana. His work is currently represented by Style A Gallery in Bozeman Montana. He has had both interviews as well as work featured in several publications such as Creativpaper Magazine, Inside Artists, and Average Arts Magazine. His work is consistently featured on many online publications such as The Tax Collection, Imagination Arts, Arts Beautiful, and The Conceptual Arts Project NYC. His work has also earned awards in both national and local juried exhibitions. 23 year old Tavin Davis, was born and raised in Montana. Moving around a lot at a young age, Tavin found he would emerge himself within art and eventually philosophy to help cope with ever changing environments and people. Eventually moving to a small blue collar town called Colstrip Montana in 2009, he met his first major art inspiration who then became his close friend. Between 2009 and 2012, he began to expand his thoughts on art and what he felt it could be. Beginning to question his environment and his perception, he began to apply metaphor and philosophy to his sketches and works. In 2014, Tavin moved to Bozeman Montana to attend Montana State University. Initially interested in philosophy, he eventually found himself within the Graphic Design program, of which he continues to now pursue. After beginning to attend art classes and studying the history of the arts, he began to find he could challenge social norms, constructs, and ideals within the world of art. He also began to find an interest in posing questions within his work to provoke thought within the viewers of his work. This became more relevant after his discovery of Marcel Duchamp, Andre Serrano, Donald Judd, Martin Creed, and ultimately the entire conceptual art movement. For Tavin, conceptual art is the perfect outlet to combine philosophy and art. For him, it is where he feels metaphor, philosophy, craft, and question sort of dance and become interesting and challenging art. Tavin claims that he is not really an artist at all but rather claims to be a philosopher of sorts working in visual language. He attempts to challenge form, norms, and perceptions through conceptual works. He is a conceptual artist who does not like to limit himself to any specific genre, style, or medium as he feels these all become vehicles to deliver his concept to viewers. He sees the visual arts as a form of visual philosophy. He feels the underlying concept behind the work should be the most important component to a visual work. This is because to him, work driven by concept and then furthered by visual form creates art that is not only present to entertain the eye but also present to expand, shake, and potentially change a viewer’s perceptions, ideals, and constructs. His work is consistently driven by concept and he claims this will continue to be the nature of the work he chooses to create.